Adobe Photoshop

One to one individual tuition, beginners, intermediate and advanced courses are available. I have over twenty years of experience using Adobe Photoshop. Courses delivered through out the UK. 

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The Adobe Photoshop beginners course is designed for anyone who has just started using Photoshop and would like to improve their skills quickly. The one day Photoshop Course intended to teach a variety of different retouching and editing techniques using layers, cloning, brightness, contrast, colour and tonal adjustments.  It is a hands on course which gives practical tuition working with the software to produce a finished image. Because the course is one to one, I can work at your pace and you can choose what you would like to learn. I can provide the course content onsite for individuals or small groups.

Richard Barley

Beginners Photoshop

The Photoshop workspace

Tone & Colour Adjustments

Undoing mistakes

Importing images

Rotate & crop

Selecting and editing

Local correction

Layers and Adjustment Layers

Black & White conversion

Sharpening techniques

Basic Retouching

File formats RAW 

Image size & Canvas size

Resolution for print


Intermediate Photoshop

Opacity & Blend modes

Layer masks

Local & Selective corrections with Layer 

Managing layers & using groups

Levels & Curves in depth

Matching colour using eyedropper 

Retouching in layers

Sharpening techniques


Resolution, resizing, bit depth


Using Bridge (Lightroom)

Custom Workspaces



Advanced Photoshop

Camera RAW Workflow

Batch processing (Lightroom)

Keyboard shortcuts

Colour management – colour settings, Colour spaces and ICC profiles

Skin corrector/ blemish removal/ redness

Hair tidy

Liquifying and restructuring

Applying colour to skin

Adding highlights

Contouring with curves

Softening skin

Brightening eyes and teeth

Advanced black and white


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Digital Photography Course

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Adobe Photoshop Elements & Lightroom

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