Intermediate photography course

You will learn how to use a white balance reference card to produce consistent white balance with your digital SLR, and how to use the histogram to produce perfect exposure. Dynamic range will be explained and the use of different on camera filters will be used to control contrast and colour saturation. I will show you the benefits and drawbacks of shutter priority, aperture priority and manual mode and so you can choose correctly.

If you have completed the beginners course the intermediate course will help you gain the knowledge required to use your camera in manual mode and understand how to use filters. We will also cover more advanced lighting techniques, auto focus, image stabilisation, advanced metering techniques and the zone system.

Intermediate Photography Course £200

Histogram & exposure

White balance card

RAW workflow

Dynamic range

Graduated filters

Polarising filter

Neutral density

Manual mode

Shutter priority

Aperture priority

Metering modes

Depth of field


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